Fire Destroy’s Word Aflame Tabernacle Church

Throughout the past 18 years, Word Aflame Tabernacle has grown from a small, store-front congregation to a vibrant, spirit-filled church.

Because of the overwhelming love and acceptance of our Pastor Alan James and his wife, Sister Debbie James, Word Aflame has flourished in the city of Grayson, Georgia. They have both done so while working full time jobs and have never taken a salary from the church.  This has become the spiritual home of over 150 members from over 15 different nationalities. During our 7 years in Grayson, we have put over $100,000 worth of work into the building and have gained countless memories and friends.

On Sunday, November 11, we received the devastating news that a fire had overcome our Sanctuary. Our hearts fell as we watched firefighters bring out the charred remains of chairs from our “home”, their frames barely intact. The only thing to escape the flames were two Bibles.

Over the past year, our church experienced significant damage caused by a flood. We were not deterred then, nor will be now. We will stand strong in Jesus’ name for the betterment of his Kingdom. Fortunately, the church is covered by insurance, but we do not own the building, which has left us without a home.

It will not be easy, but you cannot have a testimony without a test. Please help us rebuild and find a home. All funds will be put towards finding a new location for Word Aflame Tabernacle. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. May you all be blessed in His mighty name.

-Word Aflame Tabernacle